Zone 1 Camp Information

PCAQ Zone 1 Camp

Zone 1 Camp Information

The camp is about giving riders a go at things they may not get a chance to in the Equine world of pony club.  Also to meet other kids around the same age from other Zone 1 clubs, where many a new friendship is made.  There is 2 lessons in the morning and 2 lessons in the afternoon on both Sunday and Monday.  On Tuesday morning we have an activity for the riders to do while the parents pack up or parents can watch and cheer on the riders then pack up.

Included in the camp this year is the Bobby Bayard Gymkhana being held on the Saturday.

The Campdraft on the Sunday night starting at 5:30 pm and is additional to camp.

We ask that all persons on the grounds abide by the code of conduct of PCAQ & respect other persons on the grounds.  Any unacceptable behaviour may result in that person or people being asked to leave the grounds for the duration of the camp.

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Zone 1 Camp


Boonah Showgrounds

8 Melbourne St,
Boonah QLD 4310

Julie Lynham

0422 378 990