For PCAQ Metropolitan Zone 1 Clubs


Saturday 30th November, 2019

Start Time:

5:45pm for Sitdown Dinner at 6:30pm

Closing Date

Tuesday 26th November, 2019



Pacific Golf Club

430 Pine Mountain Rd,
Carindale QLD 4152



Buffet Dinner

Adults  - $35

Children 12 & Under - Nuggets & Chips - $10

 Name Club Adults Kids Meals Total Payment Status Entry ID
Peter SinclairSpecial guest2$ 70.00Paid4833
Kerrie GreenSamford1$ 35.00Paid4832
Justin RosenbergHendra1$ 35.00Paid4831
Aphroditte VourdousisSouthside22$ 90.00Paid4830
Sophie ChristisonSamford1$ 35.00Paid4829
Anita KannBrookfield3$ 105.00Paid4828
Maree ForrestMt Gravatt1$ 35.00Paid4827
Bethany van BarneveldSouthside1$ 35.00Paid4826
Julie LynhamSouthside2$ 70.00Paid4825
Peter TornabeneSamford3$ 105.00Paid4824
Jenny LanskeyRedlands4$ 140.00Paid4823
Geoff VaschinaRuncorn2$ 70.00Paid4822
Fiona MametHendra3$ 105.00Paid4821
BrownKarana Downs11$ 45.00Paid4820
TINA SMITHBrookfield1$ 35.00Paid4819
Stewart/AdamsWynnum21$ 80.00Paid4818
cheree WilliamsSouthside11$ 45.00Paid4817
Suzanne NewmanSouthside44$ 180.00Paid4816
Margie DavidsonNorthern Suburbs1$ 35.00Paid4815
Carmen CoombsMogill1$ 35.00Paid4814
Eldred FamilyRuncorn23$ 100.00Paid4813
John MartinRuncorn1$ 35.00Paid4812
Peter RyanBrookfield1$ 35.00Paid4811
 Name Club Adults Kids Meals Total Payment Status Entry ID

Things to Know

Adults - Buffet Meal - $35

Children under 12 who would prefer a Chicken nuggets & Chips - $10

Tickets will be handed out at the door based on what you have included in your booking

As this is a Licenced Premises, you are unable to bring your own Drinks, but a a fully stocked bar is available at reasonable prices.

If you require further information or help, please call Julie Lynham on 0422 378 990.

If you need help with making the booking, please call John Martin on 0434 397 497.

Payment must be made via either Visa or MasterCard at the time of booking.  This is to make it easier for organizers to collect money and save club secretaries having to organize payment for their members.

Yes, You can make a group Booking, just include the numbers in each category for your group.  You will need to pay for the whole Group at time of booking, and it will be your responsibility to get the money of individuals in your group.

We all know that things happen and the best laid plans can go pear shaped.

In the event that you have to cancel your booking, and you advise us prior to Wednesday 23rd, then we will provide you with a refund (minus a $5 admin charge).

You will need to send an email to John Martin.  Please include your booking number with the request.  We will then organize a refund to your credit card.

If you need to change the number in your group, please contact John (0434 397 497) and we can help you make the adjustment - there will be no charge for this.

Cancellations after Wednesday 23rd November will not be eligible for a refunded.  In this instance, you should contact Julie Lynham (0422 378 990).

Well, it is party time, so smart casual is the order of the day.


Bookings are now closed - Please contact Julie Lynham on 0422 375 990