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We are sorry to say that due to circumstances out of our control we've had to cancel this event. All entrants will receive an e-mail with details on how to get their refund

Welcome Eventers

Waterford Pony Club

the Waterford Equestrian and Pony Club is situated to the South-East of Brisbane, in a semi-rural setting that embraces a real heritage theme.  With the Beautiful Cricket Grounds adjacent and the river flowing at the back it is indeed a wonderful place to be.

It's Cross Country course is very open and offeres competitors an opportunity to test their skills over a variety of Cross Country fences.

Derby Trebble

The Derby Trebble is the brainchild of Mr Ron Ford, who wanted to offer the riders in Zone one the opportunity to have a fun day with all three aspects of Jumping - Showjumping, Equitation and Cross-Country.  It is also a great way to introduce both horse and riders to the wonderful world of Eventing.

Over the years it has proven to be one of the most popular events on the Zone Calendar.

The smile on the faces of the competitors is a testament to the FUN nature of the event.


Jumping Equitation

Equitation is simply a system of correct riding. It is a system which caters for all riders regardless of natural ability. Emphasis is placed on co-ordinating and training both horse and rider in the safest, most effective manner. - Jumping Equitation is putting this in to practice over a Showjumping course.



Show Jumping takes place both indoors and outdoors and can be enjoyed all year round.  The courses are made up of colored fences which can be easily knocked down if they are hit. Competitors will get faults if they knock a fence down, stop at a fence (refuse) or run around a fence (run out).

Cross Country Jump


A Derby is a combined Showjumping (SJ) Course that comprises both Cross Country (XC) and SJ Fences. The competition takes place over a distance of between 750m and 1300m over a course which comprises at least 50% natural obstacles (ie xc jumps).

Ready to Have an Amazing Day?

Time to Event Start

  • Derby Day

    Start time is 8:00 am and will commence with Showjumping Equitation, followed by the Showjumping course and finally the Derby itself.

  • Gear Check

    Gear Check commences at 7:45.  All riders in the Class should ensure that they present themselves for Gear Check at this time.

  • Walk the Course

    The Derby Course will be open for walking on the Saturday following the Setup.  It will alos be open from 7:30 to 9:00 on the morning of the competition


ClassAge GroupHeight
117 & under 2680 - 90 cms
213 & under 1780 - 90 cms
312 and under80 - 90 cms
417 & under 2660 - 70 cms
513 & under 1760 - 70 mcs
6 12 & under60 - 70 cms
717 & under 2630 - 50 cms
813 & under 1730 - 50 cms
912 & under30 - 50 cms
10SeniorsChoose Height

Updates and Changes

  • Please check this section regularly - It is here that we will put all the latest news and updates for the Event.

Setup Roster

on Saturday


We will require 2 helpers from each Zone One Club to assist with the setup on the Saturday preceding the event.  More Details to You will be able to register you intention to help from here.

The Draw


The Draw for the Derby Treble will be available from here.  We hope to release it by Thursday 4th August

Helpers Roster

on the day


As well as helping setup on the Friday, Clubs are required to provide one helper for each 3 nominations - or part thereof.  In the week leading up to the Treble, you will be asked to come here and register your helpers for the Day.


the Results of the event will be published online here.

Please click to download

Sponsors & Partners

This event has been made possible by the generous support of our Sponsors who have contributed to make this event  outstanding!  Please support those who support our young people.

Aussie BlueHeeler Products
Textor Logo
Emjaro Modpods

Terms & Conditions

  • Nominations

    • Cost: $35 (including $5 Levy for Paramedics)
    • Close of Nominations: Friday 30th July, 2016
    • All Nominations via this web site.

  • Two Horse Rule

    • Riders may enter 2 horses in the same or different heights
    • Each horse will be placed in its class and is eligible for overall awards

  • Back Protectors

    • It is COMPULSORY that Back Protectors be worn in the Derby Phase of the Competition

  • Backnumber Holders

    • Riders will be issued with Paper Backnumbers.  Backnumber holders will be available for purchase from the Scoring Van on the day.

  • Set up day Before

    • Under Zone 1 By-Laws, all Zone 1 Clubs that are competing are required too send 2 able workers to assist on the Setup on the day preceding the event.  This is in addition to providing helpers on the day.  Please go to the Rosters Section to register your availability to assist with the Setup

  • Help on the day

    In addition to Helping Setup on the Saturday, ALL clubs are required to provide one helper for each three riders (or part there of) to assist with duties on the day of the competition.

    Clubs that do not comply with this will have their riders competing HC and unable to be placed.


    Please go to the Roster Section to register your your availability to assist on the day.

  • Biosecurity

    In the Event of Horse Movement Restrictions, each participant will be responsible for the care, maintenance and cost of their horse/s, including and not limited to feeding, watering and vet costs for the time of the restrictions.



    The Organisers reserve the right to:-
    1. Cancel any class or event
    2. Divide or combine any class if less than  3 competitors.
    3. Alter the advertised times
    4. Refuse any entry with or without stating the reason
  • Changes and Updates

    Enter description text here.

  • Rules of Competition

    This is a competition over three phases. In order to be eligible for the overall class prizes,

    Riders must participate in each of the three phases. Points (1-10) will be awarded for each phase and accumulated to achieve an overall class champion.

    Each phase of the competition will be judged in accordance with PCAQ rules, however the organizing committee has in some instances adapted those rules to facilitate the safe operation of the overall event.

  • Phase 1 - Jumping Equiation

    Riders will enter the ring, salute the Equitation Judge and proceed as per a normal Jumping Equitation round. Judging will be per the PCAQ rules for Equitation. Points 1-10 will be awarded for Equitation, based on rider rankings at the conclusion of the class.

  • Phase 2 - ShowJumping

    Riders will salute the show jumping judge and immediately proceed with their show jumping round . This will be a single round competition, judged under Table A (FEI Art. 238) against the clock. Riders will be placed according to their penalties and time. There will not be a jump off round and riders will be ranked after the single round and points 1-10 will be awarded

  • Phase 3 - Derby

    Derby: Judging will be per the PCAQ rules for show jumping under Table A and with particular reference to section 77 (page 84). A Derby is a special competition taking place over a combination of show jumping and cross country fences.

    Riders will complete a single derby round and there will not be a jump off round.

    Time penalties will be awarded at 1 penalty per 4 secs over the optimum time for the course, and riders will be allowed a 20 sec grace period before penalties are imposed for being under the optimum time for the course at the same rate. Competitors will be permitted to wear a watch.

  • Course Penalties

    1st disobedience 4 penalties, 2nd 8 penalties, 3rd elimination. Obstacle knocked while jumping 4 penalties, disobedience & knocking down obstacle 4 penalties + 4 secs. At the conclusion of the round, riders will be ranked and points 1-10 awarded.

  • Class Scoring & Placings

    At the conclusion of three rounds, riders in each class are ranked based on points accumulated.

    In the event of a tie, count back will be decided on the results from the derby, show jumping and equitation in that order.

  • Prizes

    Overall Winners:

    • Classes 1-3 Rugs;
    • Classes 4 - 6 Saddle Mats;
    • Classes 7 -10 Trophies.
    Medallions for 2nd & 3rd place in all classes. Ribbons to 6th place.

How many Horses May I enter?

  • Riders may enter 2 horses in the same or different heights
  • Each horse will be placed in its class and is eligible for overall awards

Is Camping Available?

Yes, Camping is available.

Please Contact Sarah Craddock from Waterford Pony Club  on 0427 812 918 to make arrangements if you wish to camp.

Are Canteen Facilities Available

Yes, Our hosts, the Waterford Pony club, have a full canteen in operation for the entire day.

Do I have to be a member of Zone 1 to compete in this amazing event?

No.  - It is open to ALL Zones

This year Metropolitan Zone 1 has opened up all of our events so as to give the opportunity to participate in them.  So long as you are a member of a Pony club, you are very welcome, and we know you will have a great time.

How do I get a copy of the Draw

The draw will be  published on this website on the Thursday preceding the event

Do I have to wear a Back Protector for all three phases of the Treble?

No - You may wear Back Protectors for all three phases, but they are only required for the Derby Phase.


Waterford Pony Club

108-128 Weaber Rd,
Buccan QLD 4207

John Martin

0434 397 497

Margie Davidson

0411 418 349