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Zone 1 Showjumping & Equitation Championships


@Moggill Pony Club

The Zone 1 Jumping Equitation & Showjumping Championships are being held in 2022 at Moggill Pony Club.

41 O'Brien Rd, Pullenvale QLD 4069

PIC Number: QEBB0836

COViD 19 Statement

Moggill Pony Club are hosting the two days and requires all visitors to agree to their statement of compliance. Zone 1 and Moggill Pony Club will be operating in compliance with the Public Health Directives  and in compliance with the Outdoor Industry COVID safe plan current at the time of the event  

  • Moggill Pony Club is a COVID Safe site. 
  • Contact details are required for tracing purposes upon entry. 
  • Practice social distancing. 
  • Wash your hands regularly. 
  • Follow the rules and keep us all safe.
  • ***Stay home if you are sick***

In practical terms this means:

  • Disinfectant wipes will be available at the toilets, please wipe down all areas of the bathrooms contacted after use and dispose of in the bin provided
  • Hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities are available at a number of locations around the grounds, please use them regularly.
  •  A QR Code will be displayed and you will be requested to scan this and enter your details when you arrive.
  • Before coming to the Moggill grounds:
    • competitors must have pre-filled the "Horse & Participant Health Declaration" on the Zone 1 Website for themselves and their horse, and hand it in at the gate upon entry.

Jumping Equitation

Event Date

Saturday 4th June, 2022

Start Time

Setup from 7:30 AM

Jumping Commencing 10:00 AM


$35 - (Inc. First Aid Levy) for this event only.

$60 -  (Inc. First Aid Levy) if doing both days.


2 Rounds

Second Round will have a Task


Class 1Official 10 years and under 50cm
Class 2Official 11yrs & Under 13 yrs.60cm
Class 3Official 13 yrs. & Under 15 yrs.70cm
Class 4Official 15 yrs. & Under 17 yrs.80cm
Class 5Official 17 yrs. & Under 21 yrs.80cm
Class 6Official 21 yrs. & Under 26 yrs.80cm
Class 7Unofficial 13 years and under 2660cm
Class 8Unofficial - Seniors - Seniors – Choose height. If not stated will be placed in Class 4. To be eligible for overall award, must choose 70cm and above.
*Please see PCQ website for rules.

Awards - Jumping Equitation

Official Classes – Trophy to Overall 1st Place, Medallions to Overall 2nd - 3rd Place, Ribbons to 1st – 6th Place in each Event.
Unofficial Classes – Medallions to Overall 1st – 3rd Place, Ribbons to 1st – 6th Place in each Event.
Highest Overall Score – Rug and Champion Sash for the Zone 1 rider with the highest overall points from the Official Classes (only classes with 5 or more riders are eligible for this award).

Garland for Overall Champion - To be eligible rider must have competed in Official classes on both days (Presented on Sunday)


Event Date

Sunday 5th June, 2022

Start Time

Gearcheck from 7:45 AM

Jumping Commencing 8:00 AM


$40 - (Inc. First Aid Levy) for this event only.

$60 -  (Inc. First Aid Levy) if doing both days.



AM 7 - Option 2

Two Phase rule 5.2


Class 1Official 12 years and under60cm
Class 2Official 12 years and under70cm
Class 3Official 12 years and under80cm
Class 4Official 13 years and under 2670cm
Class 5Official 13 years and under 2680cm
Class 6Official 13 years and under 2690cm
Class 7Official 13 years and under 26100cm
Class 8Official 13 years and under 26110cm
Class 9Official 13 years and under 26120cm
Class 10Unofficial 12 years and under50cm
Class 11Unofficial 13 years and under 2660cm
Class 12Seniors - Choose height from Classes 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. If not stated will be placed in Class 5. To be eligible for overall award, must choose 70cm and above.

Are You Ready for this?

Terms & Conditions

  • Nominations

    • Cost:
      • Jumping Equitation: $35 (including Levy for Paramedics)
      • Showjumping: $40 (including Levy for Paramedics)
      • Both Days: $60 (including Levy for Paramedics)
    • Close of Nominations: Friday 27th May, 2022
    • All Nominations via this web site.
  • Rules

    Rules for this competition will be those published in the latest PCAQ Showjumping Rulebook (2022) & Jumping Equitation Rulebook (2021), respectively.

  • Mounts

    The mount should be the member's normal pony club mount and regularly ridden to Pony Club. Riders currently competing in a graded class or Official 12 years and under cannot ride a graded / Official 12 years and under horse in an unofficial section.

  • Two Horse Rule

    Riders may enter 2 horses in the same or different heights. Each horse may gain qualifying results. Each horse will be placed in its class and is eligible for overall awards.

    In Jumping Equitation, Riders may only enter 2 horses in the Same Height.  Both horses can qualify.

  • Protests

    Must be in writing within 30 minutes of incident, accompanied by $50. Only the owner, his authorised agent, or the rider of the horse taking part in the competition is entitled to lodge a protest. Disputes committee to consist of PCAQ Technical Delegate, Chief Steward and One Judge.

  • Setup & Help on the Day

    In an effort to make the event run efficiently and to give competitors options for helping out in the event, we are trialing a new system.

    For this event, each competitor MUST provide a helper!

    They have the option of providing someone to:

    1. Help setup on the Saturday at 7:30am for Equitation OR
    2. Help setup on the Saturday at 3:30pm for Showjumping OR
    3. Assist on each day of the events that you are nominated for - duties will be assigned by the organizing committee.
      If you elect to help on the day:  1 you must have a person available who is  is NOT competing. 2 As necessary the organizing committee may reassign you to one of the setup sessions.
  • COViD19

    • ALL persons need to be use the QR Code on entry to the grounds.
    • Social Distancing – stay 1.5 m apart from people you don’t live with.
    • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and use alcohol-based sanitiser.
    • Practice respiratory etiquette.
    • Stay at home if you are sick or have been to a hotspot or tracing location in the past 14 days.
    • Adherence to the current COVID-19 Guidelines as provided by Queensland Health.
    • This event will be run under any required Covid Safe Plan.
  • Disclaimer

    • Neither the organising committee of any contest to which these rules apply, nor the PCAQ, accept any liability for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, ground, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.
  • Reservation of Rights

    The Organisers reserve the right:
    (a) to cancel any class or event.
    (c) to alter the advertised times
    (d) to refuse any entry, with or without stating the reason
    (e) to transfer competitors between sections of a class
    (f) to combine classes if less than 3 competitors, but will jump their own heights and are placed irrespective of the grade or the height jumped.

  • BioSecurity

    In the event of horse movement restrictions, each participant will be responsible for the care, maintenance and cost of their horse/horses. Including and not limited to feeding, watering and vet cost for the time of the restrictions.

Contact Information


Moggill Pony Club
41 O'Brien Rd,
Pullenvale QLD 4069

Peter Ryan

0403 464 135

Margie Davidson

0411 418 349

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