Rider Proficiency Certificate Assessment Day for C and C Star Certificates

Rider Proficiency Certificate Assessment Day

for C and C Star certificates


Saturday 21st October, 2017

Start Time:

8:00 am (mounted, with riders presented formally)

Closing Date

Friday13th October, 2017


Wynnum Pony Club

50 Bognor Road,


Erika Woodland
Mobile: 0407 860 568
email erikawoodland@bigpond.com

Nominate Now

Isabella ForsythGumdaleC*
Sienna KochMogillC
Brittany WilloughbyWynnumC
Brittany WilloughbyWynnumC
Brittany WilloughbyWynnumC
Lorna CliffordGumdaleC
Meg O'BrienHendraC
Katherine GreenSamfordC
Katherine GreenSamfordC*
Jillian WeirHendraC
Maddy VanderburgNorthern SuburbsC
Olivia GalettoKarana DownsC
Lauren ParkerKarana DownsC
Isabella ForsythGumdaleC
Mikayla DillonHendraC

Things to Know


Prerequisites - 

  1. Riders must already have their D certificate to apply for C assessment.
  2. Riders must already have their D and C certificates to apply for C Star assessment.

Can I be assessed for both C & C* on the day?

No - 
You can only be assessed for one.  Please read the prerequisites


Do I need to bring a Horse

This is a proficiency Test.  There is a riding component, hence you are  required to bring a horse.

How do I pay?

This is free to all Zone 1 Members


What time will it conclude?

The day is planned to conclude by 3:00 PM

Nominations are now closed for this event