Letter C

When: Saturday Morning 22nd May

Register: 7.30am

Assessment Start: 8am

Where: To be advised

Letter Cstar
Zone 1 C and C* Proficiency Certificate Assessment
Saturday 22nd May is the Zone 1 Rider Proficiency testing for C and C Star certificates. Clubs are reminded that the pre-requisite certificate for C is now D Star. 

Because this is the first Assessment which will be run totally under the new Pony Club Australia (PCA) Syllabus of Instruction, nominations from riders need to come through your club's chief instructor.

Nominations will not be via the Zone 1 website.

This will ensure that riders have completed the PCA C or C* certificate workbooks and are deemed proficient and ready for assessment by the chief instructor.

Nominations need to be received by 7pm Wednesday 19th May..

Please contact your club's chief instructor as soon as possible if interested in nominating for this Certificate Assessment morning.