Misc Payments

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Entry DateNameEvent/Reason for paymentTotal
27/06/2021Anabella WardellCamp payment$ 170.00
19/06/2021Kimberley CampkinBoonah Campdraft events camp$ 240.00
16/06/2021Michelle Mc GauleyBobby Bayard sponsorship$ 200.00
15/06/2021Liza’l TextorSponsorship Associates Campdraft & one other$ 120.00
14/06/2021Annie HornBobby Bayard Sporting Gymkhana$ 60.00
08/06/2021Jade CollinsBoonah Camp Bobby Bayard Gymkhana Trophy sponsorship$ 60.00
31/05/2021Peter TornabeneJf McGill trophies 17-26$ 60.00
19/05/2021Jenny LanskeyTrophy sponsor-Cherbon Waters and Rhys Lanskey$ 120.00
14/04/2021Susan Guest-Carver FamilyUnder 8 sponsorship J.F. McGill$ 60.00
14/08/2020Emma DillonAitken’s show jumping wait list nom$ 15.00
12/08/2020Mia Reeve-JohnsonLate entry Fred and Alexi ReeveJohnson Aitkens jumping$ 30.00
Entry DateNameEvent/Reason for paymentTotal