Coaches Accreditation Assessment

For PCAQ Level C & B and NCAS Prelim & Level 1


Saturday 29th October, 2016

Start Time:

8:00 am

Closing Date

Friday 21st October, 2016


Runcorn Pony Club

87 Warrigal Road


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FirstLastClubCurrent Accreditation Status
  • PCQ Level B
  • PCQ Level C
  • NCAS Trainee
  • NCAS Prelim
  • NCAS Trainee
  • NCAS Trainee
  • NCAS Trainee
  • NCAS Trainee
  • NCAS Prelim
FarrynGoreNorthern Suburbs
  • NCAS Trainee
KylieMackenzieNorthern Suburbs
  • NCAS Prelim
  • NCAS Level 1
AbbieNeliganNorthern Suburbs
  • NCAS Trainee
FirstLastClubCurrent Accreditation Status

Things to Know

Prerequisites - 

  1. For PCQ Qualification, you must have attended the two required Pre-School clinics for the Level that you are being assessed for in the past two years, as well as a Course designer Clinic.
  2. For NCAS, you must have completed the workbook for the Level that you are being assessed for and have each section signed off by your mentor or Chief Instructor.

In addition If sitting for the higher qualifications, then you MUST already be accredited with the lower qualification.  Eg PCQ Level B must already have Level C accreditation and NCAS Level 1 must already have NCAS Prelim qualifications.

Yes, you may sit for both PCQ and NCAS Accreditation, but only for ONE level in each Category!  See Prerequisites

PCQ Assessment will have a riding component and you will be required to bring a horse.

NCAS candidates will not be required to bring a horse.

Members from Zone 1 Clubs, will be invoiced directly via their Clubs.  PCQ willl invoice the Club and your club will then pass this on to you.

The Cost of Nomination is $50 per assessment.  This is a PCQ fee.

Address - 

We need your address so that we can mail your accreditation to you.

Yes -

Members from other Zones are welcome to attend, but you will be required to pay on the day.

As a candidate for such an important role in Pony Club it is expected that you would turn out  in your Club's Muster Uniform.

Depending on number of candidates, it is expected to conclude by 4:00 PM

A basic Canteen will be available for the Candidates on the day.

Instructors' Clinic - Refresher/ NCAS Update/ Instructor Preparation

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