Camp Nomination Form


  1. Please select Each of the components that you will be participating in,
  2. When selecting additional campers, be aware that the nominated Rider already has camping included.  This is for any extra campers, and it will be checked each day.
  3. In the event of a  large number of entries, the second horse option may be removed.  in this event, you will be refunded the amount of the extra Horse.
  4. For the bobby Bayard Event,
    1. if you are attending the Zone 1 Camp, Bobby Bayard nomination fee is included in the $160 Camp Fee.
    2. If not attending Camp, a Nomination fee of $35 applies
  5. In the Campdraft section, please select only one of the options (official Campdraft, Unofficial Campdraft or Bareback Cut-Out).
  6. Only Camp attendees may nominate for Unofficial Campdraft and the Bareback Cut-Out.
  7. Following your submission, you should receive an email with your details.
  8. This year, payment must be made by Credit Card as part of your nomination.
  9. Stabling - No Stables available this year
  10. Please note if you Nominate for Bobby Bayard Gymkhana and Campdraft and are a Senior, parent or visitor and you are camping on the grounds you need to pay additional camping costs.
    These costs are not in the nomination fee for these 2 events. Camping costs are only incorporated into the camp nomination for Camp participants.

Nominations are NOW OPEN!

Nominations are now closed - Please contact Julie Lynham for details.