Numbers to be Capped at 120

Things You Need to Know

This year we have introduced a limited Open competition.  This is a seperate competition to the rest of the programme.

Competitors who nominate in the PCQ portion of the programme may not nominate in the Open Competition.  A Rider may ride in only one Competition.

The Open Competition has only two classes and will be limited to 20 riders for the whole competition.

Pleasse note that there is a seperate nomination form for the Open  Competition.

  • Riders may enter 2 horses in the same or different heights
  • Each horse will be placed in its class and is eligible for overall awards

Limited Camping is available.

Please Contact Sam at Runcorn Pony Club on 0400 017 189 and reserve your spot

There are a limited number of yards available which are reserved for Campers and agisted horses competing on the day.  

If you have a pressing need for a yard, please contact, Sam at Runcorn Pony Club on 0400 017 189 to make arrangements.

You must have placed 1st in either the Grand Prix or AM6 at an Official competition twelve months prior to the close of nominations for this event.

You must ride the nominated horse in the Official Showjumping Program on the 18th of August, 2019 to be eligible to compete. Starting Heights will be 1 metre and may go to 1.2M at Jump offs

This event is a modified Grand Prix over two rounds where a number of competitors will go to a jump off based on penalties in the First Round.

For Example, it MAY be that all those with 4 penalties or less will advance to the jump off.

  • Dennis Craig Challenge - 1st Place Wins a T8 Jump Saddle valued at $1695.
  • Championship Rug to the winner of each official class.
  • Medallions for 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • Sashes to 6th place (individual events)
  • Trophy to the Club with the Highest Points.

Riders MUST be at presentation to receive their rewards.  Prizes cannot be accepted by other people and will not be awarded if you are not there to receive them.

All prizes kindly donated by AITKENS SADDLERY

Payment for ALL nominations is by credit card at the time each nomination is entered online.

To ensure the smooth running of the day, each Zone 1 Club is required to provide 2 workers on Saturday at 2:30 to assist with setting up for the day.

Those assisting are asked to put their name down on the Setup Roster.

Scratchings prior to the Draw being published will get a full refund.  Scratchings after the Draw is published will require a Vet or Doctors Certificate for any refund.

Changes to Nominations will be considered, but not guaranteed.

To streamline the process we ask that any withdrawl or alteration request be sent directly to Ron Ford at 


Our Sponsors have made a significant contribution to the day and it is expected that everyone show their respect by being present for Presentation.  Anyone who believes they have an overriding reason to be absent for presentation must get permission from the Chief Steward.  Prizses will NOT be awarded to anyone who is not present  for the Presentation.