Young Achiever of the Year Award

System for 2018 is currently being updated

Each year the Zone seeks to acknowledge members who have made a contribution to the Zone.   In the past this has been based on a member and nominated horse participation at nominated events - primarily Zone events.  This was Horse & Rider of the Year.

This year, the Zone is seeking to widen the scope of the award, and to overcome some of the difficulties experienced in past years.  We particularly want to acknowledge the contribution that members can make to the Zone in ways other than just competitions.

The main points of the scheme are:

  • The Award is no longer linked to any horse.
  • Recognizes participation at all Zone and State events, including Teams challenges.
  • Points are available for participation at Zone Clinics.
  • Assisting at the Setup of  Zone events

There is no need to Register and get a card as in previous years.  Everything is on line.  Just enter your data in the form on this page. - It is as easy as that!

Once you have made an entry, it will be reviewed.  If accepted a summary will be entered in the list.  All submissions will receive an email indicating whether they have been accepted or not.  Please do NOT send duplicate entries.

System for 2018 is currently being updated!